Athletic, Graceful, Animated, Spirited, Thrilling, and Sophisticated are descriptive of the Modern American Shetland Pony

Modern American Shetlands are not your grandparent's Shetlands. Today's Modern American Shetland ponies combine the beauty and hardiness of the Classic American Shetland, with the excitement and animation of a Hackney pony. The result is simply elegance in motion.

This sophisticated pony with its extreme action and spirited personality is truly at home in the show ring. Modern Shetland ponies are shown in two height categories: under 43" at the wither and 43" -46" at the wither. They excel in performance classes including roadster, fine harness and pleasure driving.

Their abilities don't stop there, however. As a general rule, although extremely spirited, most Moderns are also willing and extremely trainable. A well-trained Modern Shetland can not only excel in the exciting performance divisions noted above, but can make a superb and people-pleasing, all-around athlete. Today, beyond harness and roadster, you can find Moderns as an athletic responsive mount for a child, excelling in Liberty, costume, in hand obstacle, or going over fences in the popular pony jumper division.

A good headset, superb carriage and high action most often define a great Modern American Shetland performance or halter pony. Modern Shetlands are a thrill to watch and even more exciting to own and show. They are often a favorite of converts with owners from the Saddlebred, Arabian, Morgan and Hackney breeds.