The ASPC Registry was the beginning of the American Shetland Pony Club, Inc. and is the main breed registry of the organization - the American Shetland Pony. Through the generations, there was a need for classifications within that breed registry to foster greater participation in the show ring. These four main classes are used to determine which classes a particular American Shetland Pony will compete and each offer a slight variation in body type while keep true to the breed and good conformation.

The Classic American Shetland embodies all of these qualities and more!

Classics (as Classic American Shetlands are often called) carry the ageless beauty and grace of a time-honored and well-crafted breed. Their heritage spans three centuries while their future is unlimited. The vaunted history of ASPC and its ponies date back to the 1800s when Shetlands were first imported into the United States from the Shetland Isles.

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Athletic, Graceful, Animated, Spirited, Thrilling, and Sophisticated are descriptive of the Modern American Shetland Pony

Modern American Shetlands are not your grandparent's Shetlands. Today's Modern American Shetland ponies combine the beauty and hardiness of the Classic American Shetland, with the excitement and animation of a Hackney pony. The result is simply elegance in motion.

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A Modern Shetland - But Not Quite As Extreme

For those newer to ponies or who enjoy a refined, nicely moving pony without the more extensive work required of a Modern harness or roadster pony, the Modern Pleasure Shetland is a wonderful alternative.

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