Super All Around Amateur Award

This award is being offered to recognize our Ponies and Miniatures that prove to be the definition of an All-Around Equine. Two awards will be offered at the AMHR Nationals Show: Under and Over Miniature. One award will be offered at the ASPC Congress Show for the All-Around Pony in each division: Classic/Foundation, Modern/Modern Pleasure and ASPR.

This award is strictly for one amateur/one horse but one amatuer can enter separately with as many different horses as they want.

5 classes will be used to calculate the winners. The exhibitor will complete a form choosing five classes: one Halter, one Performance and one Driving. The other two can be chosen from Performance and/or Driving. The Form specifies which Amateur classes that can be chosen. The form must be submitted to the show office prior to the beginning of the first amateur class of that show.

Awards will be provided by the Amateur committee with help of sponsors.

Award will be scored as follows:
Entries in classes of 10 or more entries:
   First Place: 10 points
   Second Place: 9 points
   Third Place: 8 points
   Fourth Place:  7 points, and so forth

Entries in classes with less than 10 entries:
First Place receives the number of points based on the number of entries, Second receives one less point, and so forth.

Should a tie occur, the following procedure will be followed: Determine the exhibitor/horse team defeating the most competitors. If there is still a tie, the exhibitor/horse winning the most Firsts, then goes to Seconds, and so forth will be the winner. In the event there is still a tie, a coin will be tossed to determine the winner.