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Whether you are looking for registrations forms, membership renewal, transfer or name change, you can download it here.

With an annual membership to the American Shetland Pony Club Inc., you'll join an international network of small equine owners, breeders and trainers in promoting these wonderful animals. Remember, without first joining or renewing your membership, you will miss out on valuable opportunities and communications. 

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Registering your Shetland pony, miniature horse and/or show pony is the most effective way to preserve and document their bloodlines, be eligible for the show ring and to protect your small equine.

Whether you are registering ASPC, AMHR, ASPR or transferring ownership, please be thorough when completing the paperwork and call if you have any questions. We are happy to assist you.

Double Registration

If a foal has a sire and a dam that is registered both ASPC and AMHR, then the offspring is eligible at birth to be double registered as long as the proper paperwork has been submitted and recorded (such as stallion reports filed and AMHR parents have updated to permanent status in a timely manner).

ASPC Registration Form
AMHR Registration Application.pdf
ASPR Registration Form

Transfer of Ownership

When transferring an animal, it is necessary to file the proper paperwork with the national home office to ensure proper record keeping. If done at time of transfer, the process will save you time and money -  avoiding late fees or having to locate the information needed.

Application for Transfer of Ownership

AMHA Hardship Form